Spark Smart Lighting Light up Macau Jiu’ao Tunnel

The Macau Jiu’ao Tunnel, with a total construction length of 500 meters, is a two-hole, two-lane highway tunnel. It is a special traffic lane constructed by the Macau Special Administrative Region Government to strengthen the traffic connection between Macau and the outlying islands. The road of the Virgin Mary will be the longest tunnel in Macau after completion. Spark mainly undertakes the intelligent lighting for this project.

This project adopt over 1000 sets Spark intelligent-control LED tunnel lights which is independently developed by Spark, with energy saving rate over 70%.  The tunnel lights have intelligent time phase dimming functions, which can intelligently control brightness and further save energy costs. As the intelligent lighting solution provider for this project, Spark strictly arranged the quality inspection to ensure product quality as always. After trial lighting test finished, it won big satisfaction from the owners, design, consultants and relevant government.

The LED tunnel light independently developed by Spark is approved by CQC energy-saving certification, with good heat dissipation, and provides a long lifespan guarantee. It adopt highly reliable power supply which with protection of over-current, over-voltage, over-temperature, and also lightning protection, to ensure working well under harsh environment. With lifespan over 50000 hours, the tunnel light series are safe and stable, with high lumen efficacy, high reliability, good lighting evenness and low glare.


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