Shijiazhuang Metro Line 2 Lighting Project

Shijiazhuang, a city locates in the south-west of Hebei Province in China, which is one of the central parts in the area of 'Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei'. The new line of Shijiazhuang Metro has launched the 1st phrase block on 26th August in 2020. The operation mileage is over 15.5km with 15 underground station. Metro Line 2 is one of the significant sections for the pattern of city center transportation. It connects with Line 1 and Line 3 so that can reduce the pressure of the whole transportation system.

With the rich experience of LED Metro lighting solution and the well reputation, Spark takes responsibility to three blocks' lighting of Line 2. Spark provides LED interior energy-saving lights, emergency lights, indicating lights and client-customized lights to apply in public area, control room, security check area, platform and etc.

The whole solution designs to address client's needs in terms of planning strategy, design concept and application condition. Regards to energy conservation and emission reduction, Spark also optimized the lighting system in order to perform high bright with lower energy and materials.

It's our honor that Spark can be involved in the construction of Shijiazhuang Metro Line 2. As a client-orientation company and a customizable lighting product manufacturer, Spark values our clients and their lighting needs. We emphasize to manufacture durable and well-performance products and service that make them suitable, flexible to application environment with client's requests. For now, Spark has successfully completed over 20 cities' metro lighting projects by clients' support and cooperation.