Shenzhen Nanguang Tangao Highway Tunnel Lighting Upgrade Project

Nanguang Highway, a crucial import connection between Hongkong and Pearl River Delta, was just completed its tunnel lighting upgrade project before the China National Day. Spark is honored to provide smart linear tunnel lights for this project. And in order to make sure the highway can smoothly operate during the festival, Sparkoe finished the project within one week.

Shenzhen Nanguang Tangao Highway Tunnel has 515 meters length with 2 holes and 6 lanes. The lighting upgrade project adopted 1,500 sets of Sparkoe's linear tunnel light with four modes: manual mode, timing control, optical mode and remote control. The smart linear tunnel light can provide energy-saving illumination and enhance the safety of traffic while facilitate the operation control.

Spark recently has provided several remarkable lighting solution for Chongqing Shiqian Highway, Jinan Highway, Guanghui Highway, Guangshen Highway and etc., which all adopted this smart linear tunnel light products with total over 30,000 sets.

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