Guangshen Highway, Shenzhen Hubeishan Tunnel Lighting Renovation Project

For celebrating the upcoming 40th years ceremony of Shenzhen SEZ (Special Economic Zone), Shenzhen Transport Department and Guangshen Highway Operation Department planed to conduct an intelligent lighting renovation in Shenzhen Fuyong Hubeishan Tunnel. In this renovation project, 15~330W lighting fixtures were used severally with total over 2,000 sets, which all designed and produced by Sparkoe. The whole project completed before August 26th, the 40th years ceremony of Shenzhen SEZ.

Hubeishan Tunnel, a mountain tunnel of Shenzhen Fuyong Section in Guangshen Highway, is the main access route between Shenzhen and Guangzhou. The tunnel is nearly 500 meters long, two tunnel holes with 3 lanes each hole, one-way separation. Sparkoe provided our new innovated products, LED panel tunnel light, integrating smart control system with strip lighting design. According to the changes of day, night and climate, this product can constantly adjust the lighting environment at different times, and dynamically, intelligently control the output of tunnel lights. The back-stage management system can monitor each light's working status and data analysis at any time.

As a leading brand of intelligent lighting, Sparkoe accumulated 20 years experience, technology and strong R&D capacity, serving for plenty of domestic and overseas clients. We have successfully provided a number of professional and high quality tunnel intelligent lighting solutions, among them many state-certified energy-saving and emission-reduction demonstration projects.

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