Thailand LED Street Light Project

In the mid of 2020, Sparkoe safely shipped the products, 50W LED street light, and perfectly completed lighting project in Thailand. This type of product adopts high-quality aviation aluminum lamp body, simple and beautiful, with high light transmittance modular lens, high brightness, uniform light emission, no glare, is an incredible outdoor lighting product. And definitely, Sparkoe have confidence to provide a long warranty of 5 years for this whole lamp.

The client in this project has cooperated with Sparkoe for more than 10 years, which is our long-term buyer of Sparkoe outdoor lighting product. The fixtures has 6 meters height, with each space between 18 meters. In this project, client order a batch of high efficacy illumination over 160 lm/W. The lighting effect offers a comfortable and well-lighting community for the natives.

As a leading brand of exterior lighting supplier, Sparkoe has focused on manufacturing outdoor LED lights for more than 20 years with rich project experience. Sparkoe will carry on increasing R&D capacity and innovating in the field of smart outdoor lighting, to contribute more innovative technologies and energy conservation products for our clients. Your Light, We Care!