Russia, 2 lanes Street Lighting Project, 110W Solar Street Light

Date: 2012

Country (Area): Tula, Russia

Products: 110W solar street light

Quantities: 30 Sets of 110W solar street light

Application: Road Lighting

Installation: Height of 10 meters; Pitch 20 meters

How many watt is the solar panel?  100W

How many AH is the battery?    90AH / 12V

How high is solar panel hanged on the pole?  8.5M

How many watt is the wind turbine?  300W

Is the battery hanged on the pole or buried in the earth?  Hanged on the pole

How many hours it work every day?  6-8 hours


Main generation power source from wind

Battery have a 1168W*h capacity

Battery is LIFEPO4 battery, in the box which under the solar panel