2100 Sets 100W Solar Power Systems for Home, Ghana

Municipal Solar Lighting

Chinese National Development and Reform Commission assist household solar power systems to Ghanaian Ministry of Energy and Petroleum.Shenzhen Spark optoelectronics S&T Co.,Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Spark) implemented this mission. Spark sent technician team to Ghana make personnel training and on site instruction.

In March 2017, Solomon A. Asoalla, chief director of Ghanaian Ministry of Energy and Petroleum, signed for 2100 sets systems. He expressed appreciation to Chinese government and embassy of China in Ghana for support and help all the time. Meantime, he also expressed appreciation to Spark for providing high quality product, excellent training and impressive service.

These 2100 sets solar power systems will be installed in power shortage areas, each System features LED lighting, radio and USB port that can meet Ghana people's basic requirements like home lighting.

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