32000sets 10W Solar Power Supply System and 325sets 1200W, Nepal

This Case is that China donates solar power generation system to Nepal

Project Name: National Development and Reform Commission to respond to climate change external donated items - Donation of Nepal Solar PV Power System Subproject

Implementation Body: Shenzhen Spark Co., Ltd.

Receiving Institution: Ministry of Population and Environment of Nepal


Shenzhen Spark Co., Ltd. as a project implementation, the main commitment to the implementation is that production and delivery, customs clearance and export inspection and quarantine fees, the territory Transportation, insurance, packaging, overseas technical training until the final transfer of aid products, 32,000 sets of 10W household solar power supply system, 325 sets of 1200W home solar power system.

The solar power system of this aid project is mainly described as follows:

32,000 sets of 10W solar power system: 10W solar panels, solar panels bracket, home solar system chassis, LED bulbs and other accessories. The 10W system is a small off-grid solar system that with a portable design which provides basic lighting for users in areas without electricity.

325 sets of 1200W solar power system: 1200W solar panels, 24V 400AH battery, 2 * 1000W inverter, power generation system chassis, LED bulbs and other accessories;

1200W system is mainly used for schools and government offices, the main configuration is as follows:

  • Two independent 5V USB charging port, charging current is 1000mA (can be used for cell phone charging), and 2000mA (for tablet or mobile charger charging);

  • Two independent 1000VA inverters for connecting AC appliances

  • All interfaces are fool-proof design, to ensure the quality of the installation to reduce the malfunction;

  • All LED bulbs are equipped with fool-proof plug, lamp holder, switch and indoor installation accessories.


The product quality control standards is higher than the normal ones, which strict control from raw material inspection, production control, shipping inspection of all aspects to ensure product quality.

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