City Street Lighting Project, 386sets LED Street Lights and Poles, China

Pingdingshan City is located in central Henan Province, the Central China Economic Zone, an important energy and heavy industry base. PingAn Avenue is the traffic main road of Pingdingshan city running east-west direction, total length 18.5 kilometers. We successfully won the bid of the urban street lighting, PingAn Avenue West extension (Xihuan Road - Xipingjia Road), Dongpingjia Road, a total investment of 5000000RMB in April, 2017 and successfully done in September, 2017. Our hot products in this project: 180W 160W 90W led street lights with high-efficiency, perfect light distribution, soft and comfortable, no glare, as well as beautiful appearance, creating a comfortable lighting environment. And 12m poles.