Shenzhen Metro Network Operation Control Center Special Lighting Project

   As the management hub of rail transit, Shenzhen Rail Transit Network Operation Control Center (NOCC) carries central functions such as full-rail network operation of train operation, passenger traffic management, power supply, equipment monitoring and disaster prevention and alarm. At the same time, the NOCC also bear the event handling of the command center functions.

   The NOCC lighting design of Shenzhen Subway operation headquarters is provided by SPARKOE, mainly for linear light products. To meet the requirements of high reliability of metro, the product design has a degree of protection of IP54. Both ends of the light fittings are waterproof terminals and can be connected in series as Lights. Through the hidden light tank diffuse lighting, combined with water corrugated ceiling design, which make light waves like waves, forming a "water and sky" lighting effects, creating a strong sense of science and technology, momentum, magnificent, visual and comfortable rail transportation management hub.

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