Shanghai Metro Line 9 Subway Lighting Municipal Project

Shanghai Metro Line 9 III (East Extension) project, west from the Line9 II Terminal Yanggaozhong Road Station, east to Caolu Station, total length of 13.831km, with 9 underground stations, 10 Section, two middle air shafts and a parking lot. Among them, there are 3 interchange stations that Cao Road Station reserves the condition of extending eastward. Jinqiao parking lot connected Jinji Road Station and shared with No.12 and No.14 lines. The lights used in which are all CCCF's centralized power type fire emergency lighting fixtures, respectively 600 * 600 panel lights, hoisting down lights, embedded downlights.

Sparkoe has extensive experience in the field of metro lighting, with professional projects R&D and design team to ensure that Sparkoe is a technology leader in the field of subway lighting design.

SPARKOE railway lighting products, targeted for the subway project development, cover the entire area of applications, including station hall, platform, equipment District, parking lot, etc., to form a systematic rail transit lighting solutions. In the optical design, surface treatment, cooling technology, intelligent dimming, light attenuation and so on, SPARKOE concentrated research and development efforts and have achieved a number of technical achievements.

All products meet the latest domestic standards, the CCC, CQC, energy saving and the certification of CCCF(China Certification Center for Fire Products Ministry of Public Security).

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