G80 Guangkun Expressway Tunnel Lighting Project

The G80 Guangkun Expressway has a total length of 98.4 kilometers. It starts from Yunfu in the east and connects with the Guangxi Cangwu-Yunan Expressway. It is connected to the Shuangfeng and Yunluo Expressway and has two lanes and four lanes. Among them, the G80 Guangkun Expressway has a 18 tunnels from the mouth of the river to the platform.

With more than 15 years of high-power lighting technology, SPARK has provided high-quality and comfortable tunnel lighting solutions for the G80 Guangkun Expressway tunnel lighting energy-saving renovation project. According to the actual installation situation of the tunnel, tailor-made new installation methods and selected high-quality tunnel lamps. The tunnel lamps in the project mainly use aviation aluminum LED tunnel lights. The products are easy to install and maintain, and have the characteristics of high energy saving, high luminous efficiency and long life. The professional tunnel lighting secondary optical design effectively controls glare and ensures tunnel traffic safety. Uniform, soft, comfortable and safe tunnel lighting is highly recognized by the owner and the installation company.