Lanzhou Metro Line 1 Rail Transit Lighting Project

Lanzhou Metro Line 1 is a major project in Gansu Province in 2018. The whole line is about 34 kilometers long. It is east to Chenggang Town, Chengguan District, and from the west to the Chenguan Camp in Xigu District. It is the main transportation route from Lanzhou to the west. In this project, SPARK is in charge of delivering the rail transit lighting products for whole Line 1, which is also the first subway lighting project in China to successfully cross the Yellow River.

The lighting solution of Lanzhou Metro Line 1 is provided by SPARK. All the lamps adopt the high-brightness rail transit lighting products independently developed by SPARK. All the lamps have passed the national CCCF fire certification. LED lamps are not only beautiful, but also have high luminous efficiency, high energy saving, long life, even and soft light. The line 1 is decorated with comfort, high-end and atmosphere, providing excellent visual environment illumination for the subway.

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