Indonesia, Industrial Zone LED Street Light Project

Indonesia is a populous country and has experienced rapid economic growth in recent years. It is considered to be one of 

the most promising dynamic markets. However, due to its weak industrial base and low level of technology, quite a number 

of industrial products are dependent on imports and Southeast Asia. With the power shortage and the increase in global 

environmental awareness, the lighting industry will serve as an entry point for environmental protection and energy 

conservation in Indonesia.

In the face of the new international economic situation, the Chinese government has put forward the great concept 

of “the Belt and Road”. Under the “the Belt and Road” strategy, Spark and domestic LED companies are welcoming

new market opportunities, in order to give full play to the technology and capacity advantages of China's semiconductor 

lighting industry characterized by green and low-carbon wisdom, through “the Belt and Road” The state carries out 

scientific and technological cooperation, capacity cooperation, and implementation of the Huimin project to create a "green

low-carbon path." Under the guidance of the National Leading Group Office of the Belt and Road Construction, the National 

Development and Reform Commission, and the Ministry of Science and Technology, the National Semiconductor Lighting 

Engineering R&D and Industry Alliance (CSA) and the International Semiconductor Lighting Alliance (ISA) jointly launched 

the “Lighting the Belt and Road” Action Plan. It was officially launched in 2015.