SPARK lights coastal road of Hainan Haihua artificial Island by EvergrandeGroup

Danzhou coastal avenue faces Haihua Island across the sea, which overall length is 8.7km, two ways, eight lanes. The designed

speed is 60km/h. The main purpose of the street is mainly for landscape, and then used for city secondary main road. 

It’s the only way which must be passed to Haihua Island.

To meet the needs of green cycle and low carbon discharge, SPARK used brand new high light efficacy and high power

LED street light(240w/320w)in the whole roadway, the luminous efficacy is 150lm/w, higher than conventional products

in market(100lm/w),the effect of saving energy is eminent. Meanwhile, considered of coastal features, the product is 

integrated with functions as wind-proof, corrosion prevention (high standard design and production), which could be 

suitable for severe weather like shock temperature change, typhoon, salty fog, thunderstorm. These behaviors were 

highly complemented by local government and Evergrande Group.SPARK made contribution to Hainan Island tourist 


About Hainan Haihua Island

Haihua Island locates at Baimajing to Paipu sea area in Danzhou city, Hainan province, combined with three separated

 offshore islands, reclamation plan 8 square km, total span 6.8 square km. Still, featured hotel, food-culture street, 

seven-star hotel, wetland park, sea park, film-media base will be constructed on the island, it will be an integrated 

international leisure entertainment island