314 sets, Solar Street Light Project of Zhulin Town, Guangnan County, Wenshan Prefecture, Yunnan Province

Date: Installation completed in March 2019

Quantity: 314 sets

Elements: Light poles and light boxes reflect the main local crops: alpine yak, peanuts, tobacco, pepper, corn, etc.


1. Solar panel: 80WP*2 pieces, high conversion efficiency, every single panel conversion rate is 17.3%; efficient low-light charging response, power output guarantee rate is 70%

2. Storage and control integrated lithium battery: 80AH, 12V10A intelligent controller, time control + light control, with 365 days intelligent control function, intelligently adjust output according to battery capacity, ensure normal lighting throughout the year, controller IP protecion level : IP67, waterproof and moisture proof. 

It adopts aluminum housing filling technology, adopts remote control setting, flexible and intelligent control of load, realizes grouping, time-segment control, anti-overcharge, over-discharge protection

3. Lamps: 50W, high luminous efficiency

4. Pole: 8 meters in height

5. Circular advertising light box: the pattern of the box reflects the local characteristics, mountain yak, peanuts, tobacco, pepper, corn, etc.