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Shenzhen Spark Optoelectronics Laboratory was established in December 2007, mainly for business lighting product development, technical support and product testing and quality assurance. In December 2011, the Shenzhen Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the Shenzhen Municipal Science and Technology Innovation Council, Finance Committee, Shenzhen joint assessment by the expansion of the "Shenzhen solar semiconductor lighting technology engineering laboratory" based on the Spark Optoelectronics Laboratory. In June 2014, the laboratory has been recognized as National Optoelectronics lab(CNAS approval) , Certificate Number: CNAS L6963. 

SPARK CNAS laboratory has an area of optoelectronics lab building with 1200 square meters and solar semiconductor lighting products public test platform and scientific research platform with 800 square meters ,which owns an optoelectronics lab with completeequipment and its inspection project is also complete. Test items covering 14 categories, more than 70 Chinese and English testingstandards: Safety requirements including lamps, luminaires and performance requirements, controlling security and performancerequirements of the device, self-ballasted safety and performance requirements of LED lights, LED modules security and performancerequirements, performance requirements for road lighting LED lights, lamps and lamp systems electromagnetic compatibility photobiological safety, electronics and electrical lighting and similar equipment, photovoltaic modules, lead-acid battery performance andreliability.

Technoloy Achievement

Spark optoelectronics laboratory at the national level (CNAS recognition) as Shenzhen solar semiconductor lighting lab and enterprise research center as solar lighting application technology research center of Guangdong province successively undertook over 10 projects of the national torch program, national semiconductor lighting application demonstration, major scientific and technologic specific projects of Guangdong province, science and technology of province,Shenzhen technology the LED lighting technology and promoting the industry development.

The national major science and technology projects which has been undertook

  • In 2016,Science and techno-logy Awards-network type scenery complementary LED lighting system and its key technology research

  • In 2015, Shenzhen development and reform committee recycle enconomy energy saving project-Intelligent traffic system and product industrialization

  • In 2014, the National Torch Program Projects--key technology research and industrialization projects of LED tunnel light

  • In 2013, Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Project-- key technology research and development and industrialization of intelligent LED street light

  • In 2013, Guangdong Province University-industry Cooperation Project - network type scenery complementary LED lighting system and its key technology research

  • In 2012, Shenzhen Science and Technology Program Projects--research and development of high efficiency and high power LED street lights

  • In 2012, Fiscal Subsidies Promotion Project of semiconductor lighting products from state financial department

  • In 2011 , the Central Budget Investment Projects--semiconductor lighting technology and industrialization project of high efficiency and energy-saving products

  • In 2011, the National Torch Program Projects--industrialization project of high intelligent LED street light


SPARK own a leading National Optoelectronics lab(CNAS approval) and Guangdong Provincial Solar Lighting Application Technology Research Center, R & D testing area of nearly 2,000 square meters and it has a research and development group of backbone which includes doctorate degree, master’s degree or lighting senior engineer to carry out a comprehensive road lighting, industrial lighting, specialty lighting, technology development and application of indoor lighting, energy services and energy management and other areas.In terms of R & D major, witha number of high-quality scientific and technological research and development personnel, professional electronic information involves a number of disciplines, solar, semiconductor, thermal, mechanical and electrical integration, industrial design, environmental engineering, computer applications, material analysis. SPARK have build long-term cooperation relationship with Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, South China Normal University, Guangdong University of school-enterprise.


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