Sparkoe Awarded "Tianjin 1001 Project" 2nd Phrase NB-IoT Smart Street Lighting Project


In the first quarter this year, Sparkoe won the bidding of 'Tianjin 1001 Project' 1st Phrase and successfully distributed around 6000 sets of NB-IoT smart street lights, which is the best approval of comprehensive innovation capacity in the field of intelligent lighting.

In the 2nd project, Sparkoe will provide nearly 18,000 sets of NB-IoT smart street lights as the same as the 1st project's, containing gateway, NB-IoT, fault alarms, and autonomous reporting of data. While creating a safe and energy-saving illumination environment, this products can accomplish the data fine quantitative management for city street light system by remote status diagnosis and fault alarm of the Internet of Things Platform, to provide a powerful support for smart city construction.

As a leading brand of intelligent lighting in China, Sparkoe has provided plenty of intelligent (smart) lighting solution for urban areas in terms of constructing the similar project, for example: Shenzhen Longhua New District, Shenzhen International New Exhibition Center, Tianjin and etc., and has also participated in overseas similar smart lighting projects. Sparkoe will continue to improve our R&D and innovation capacity to make positive contributions for smart lighting industry.