Spark Optoelectronics undertakes the smooth delivery of the solar lighting project donated by China to the Kingdom of Cambodia


Spark Optoelectronics undertakes the smooth delivery of the solar lighting project donated by China to the Kingdom of Cambodia

December 21 afternoon, the handover ceremony of China’s South-South Cooperation Project on Climate Change-Ministry of Ecology and Environment donated to the Kingdom of Cambodia solar street lights, campus photovoltaic systems and electric motorcycle projects was held at the Ministry of Environment of Cambodia. Chinese Ambassador to Cambodia Wang Wentian, Cambodian Minister of Environment Sai Sang,  Shenzhen Spark project manager and the news media attended the handover ceremony.

 This project of donating material to Cambodian is to implement the "Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation in the Construction of Low-Carbon Demonstration Zones" signed by China Ministry of Ecology and Environment and the Ministry of Environment of the Kingdom of Cambodia in 2019 to help improve the Kingdom of Cambodia’s ability to respond to climate change.  This also enables Spark to further expand its market in Cambodia and brand effect.

Wang Wentian said that my country has always been concerned about supporting Cambodia's environmental protection, and the cooperation memorandum of understanding signed by the environmental authorities of the two countries has provided strong guidance for cooperation between the two sides. The 2,800 sets of solar street lights, 200 sets of photovoltaic power generation systems and 200 electric motorcycles presented by China this time are all new energy products, which are of great significance to the construction of Cambodia's low-carbon demonstration zone and open a new starting point for environmental cooperation between the two countries.

Saisangao expressed his gratitude to China for its selfless help and highly praised China's efforts and contributions in South-South cooperation. The materials donated by China will be used as clean energy products in Sihanoukville Port to improve the local living environment. The Cambodian side will work with China to promote continuous progress in bilateral environmental cooperation.

As a well-known brand in the lighting industry, Spark Optoelectronics has repeatedly undertaken China's climate change response and "Belt and Road" foreign aid projects in more than 20 countries and regions including Cambodia, Guinea, Pakistan, Myanmar, Montenegro, Antigua, and Ghana. Solar power system and street lamp project. In the future, Spark will continue to strengthen its technological innovation advantages in the direction of new energy lighting, participate more actively in national climate change actions, strive to undertake more national climate change projects, and contribute to mankind's response to climate change, energy conservation and emission reduction.