Director of the National Think Tank Center Su Jun Professor visit Spark



In November 23, 2017, headed by Su Jun professor, director of National Think Tank Center and professor of the School of public administration in Tsinghua University,   the National Think Tank Center research group accompanyed by Shenzhen Futian District Branch Bureau, made a special trip to visit Spark and made investigation about research platform construction and operation and development situation, and held research forum. Wufeng, President of Spark, chief engineer Zhong Qun, R & D director Wang Xianchen and other staff warmly welcomed experts research group, and participated in the research forum.


    President Wu Feng introduced to the research group about LED industry current situation, development prospects, and emphatically introduces tSparks long-term cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Hong Kong Polytech University and other well-known research institutions to carry out cooperation and achieved fruitful achievements in scientific research. Especially in the field of photovoltaic lighting and rail traffic lighting has made significant breakthroughs, and has become a well-known enterprise in the field of photovoltaic lighting and rail traffic lighting.

    Su Jun professor fully recognized Spark achievements, and made a deep discussion and idea exchanged regarding the difficulties enterprise may encounter during scientitic research, technical bottlenecks, personnel policy, government support and other key issues.