Solar L series Street Lights

Solar energy, low-carbon, clean and cheap, no electricity cost

MPPT controller, intelligent battery management, prolong battery lifetime

A-level solar panels,conversion rate> 16%

High efficacy led lamps, up to 180 lm/w

Auto dusk to dawn, 5-phase time control preset at factory, customized for each project

Applications: Apply to the rural road, residential roads, courtyard, parks, squares, parking and other regional lighting.

Model No.            SPWTL021-SRL-30W            SPWTL021-SRL-40W            SPWTL021-SRL-50W            SPWTL021-SRL-60W            
Power            30W            40W            50W            60W            
Lumen output            5400lm            7320lm            9250lm            11100lm            
Luminous Efficacy180lm/W            183lm/W            185lm/W            185lm/W            

4000K  5000K  5700K  6500K                

Input voltage            

DC 12V/ 24V                 



Solar  Controller            

12V/24V 10A/20A                 

Solar panel            90W/17.5V 2PC            120W/17.5V  2PC            150W/17.5V  2PC            180W/17.5V  2PC            
Battery            100AH/12V  2PC            120AH/12V  2PC            120AH/12V  2PC            150AH/12V  2PC            
Daily Working Hours            

10 hrs                

Peak Sunshine Radiation            

4.5 hrs               

Continuously Rainy Days            

4 days                

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