Intelligent remote control, easy operation, can lift up and down single light or multi-lights at the same time.

Elastic conducting structure designed with electric conductive seat, when the lamp falls down, the power automatically cut off, and when the maintenance is completed, the lamp rises to the original position then the power automatically turn on.

Gravity protection  (when the lamp falls to the ground, the lift stop working automatically);

With Spiral reciprocating and synchronous wiring system, ensures that repeated wiring without disorder and not deforming on load operation.

Made of pure aluminum,and surface treatment is oxidation and plastic spraying, anti-corrosion, anti-aging and high intensity. 

Model SP-PL-15-08SP-PL-15-15SP-PL-25-20
Input voltage                        220V~AC/50HZ220V~AC/50HZ220V~AC/50HZ
Lifting height          ≤15m≤15m≤25m
Lifting speed


Allowable lifting weight


Self-locking weight         


Quantity of Remote control


Remote control frequency433MHz                        433MHz433MHz
Remote control Distance   ≥30m≥30m≥30m
IP gradeIP54IP54IP54
Lamp power range



Widely applied in big house with high ceiling, where is difficult to install or maintenance lamps, such as, Stadium, Exhibition center, Railway station platform, Bus station, Airport, Wharf, workshop, Warehouse, Superstore.

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