Smart Pole Light

With meeting the needs of base lighting, the lamp pole was carried by multiple functions such as security monitoring, air quality monitoring, safety call alarming, public information broadcasting, video interaction, smart manhole cover, which also could be customized (shape and functions)

The smart lighting system is controlled and managed by an integrated IOT platform, accomplishing the social physical network, city infrastructure management

Application:Street light





Default or customized options                

Lamp Pole&Lighting

Structure: one-arm light

Wind resistance and aseismic 

Configuring defaults:120W,13200LM



Customized length of lamp pole;CCT;power;color;arms;

lamp pole color and power

LED Smart Lighting& Monitoring

Remote switch,dimmer,monitoring and updating

Over-voltage protection

Lightning protection design

Automatic positioning and deployment(optional)

Automatic alarm function for various emergency abnormal states, such as lamp pole tilt, power leakage, etc. (customized)

Multimedia Information Distribution

Pixel pitch:P3、P4、P5、P6 available


Ambient temperature:-20℃~+50℃

Display screen optional or customer-built
WIFI Coverage

High performance and liability

Ambient temperature: -40℃~+60℃

Lightning protection

Optional or customized
Video Monitoring

3 million pixel infrared HD ballhead camera

Systematic double backup function

Lightning and surge protection

Explosion proof design

Optional or customer-built camera
Help Alarm System

Explosion proof

Linkage monitoring system

GB/T28181 quality standards

Charging PileElectric vehicle AV charging pileOptional or customized emergency power
Information Interaction Display

Low consumption multi-core processor,elegant man-machine interface operation platform

Explosion proof design



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