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Tianjin, Street Lighting Design

Site: Tianjin Port

Design: Warm and cold white light mixed use according to that warm light is longer wavelength with penetration ability, well the light efficiency is low compared to cold white.

Standard: Reference GB50582-2010, the illumination should meet railway operation uniformity requirements, Eav10lx, U0 0.25

A standard: Well Tianjin Port is the largest port in the north, with heavy workload. According to the requirements, it is required to raise the level of the first class of illumination standard, Eav15lx, U0 0.25

Haze Weather Level: However, the northern port of autumn and winter with longer haze weather, in order to improve operational efficiency and safety, we design Eav20lx, U0 0.25, light color temperature of 3000K and 5500K.

Installation: Lamps installed in the railway along the steel frame across the rails, steel frame height of 10 meters, the spacing between the steel frame 100m, both sides of a frame with seven lamps